Hi 8s & Us

What a wild ride 2020-2021 has been! It has been non-stop with news about a global pandemic, riots, financial insanity (gg GameStop), presidential changes, the list goes on!

Is it a good time for podcasting? Probably. For me, though, spending time with family took priority. With everything that has been going on, it really makes you step back and appreciate what matters.

Moreover, a few additions to the team and their love of D&D have completely engulfed our crew with excitement. Dan has got to be the most patient DM in the world to put up with our nonsense. If you want to check out the nightmare we have put him through, check out the link below:


Our musician extraordinaire, Brendan Horn, nailed it for May the 4th with his group Small Folk and their new song All Good Things. I had the honor of editing the background video. Super cool stuff, and I hope to work with him again! If I could be honest, between you and me, I think he is a Jedi master, so if you want to be one too, you should go sub to his stuff!

Small Folk: All Good Things

Jon Graham was holding an audition for his popular web series Arby ‘n’ the Chief. I, of course, auditioned for everything because the way I see it, it’s all good practice. If you’d like to join in on the fun, here is the link to his webpage with the direction:

Imaginative logo submissions

Also, if you haven’t noticed, we have a new, very sleek website! It’s much nicer than we deserve, but thankfully Chris Thompson listened to our inane, childish ideas, scrapped them all, and gave us something jaw-dropping! If you like it, make sure to let him know in the comments of this blog!

Hopefully, we’ll soon be able to share more D&D fun with you guys in the coming months! In the meantime, be sure to look forward to some new and exciting developments including, grammatical nightmare blog posts like this one and even a brand new 9 AM coming soon!


Pat (Celtichorn)